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Consumer Trusted Reviews is the leading reviews website that focuses on publishing high quality relevant content and buying guides. We specialize in health and technology product buying guides.

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Maisie Peters , Founder and Chief Editor

Maisie loves trying new things and becoming obsessed over them. Her friends ask her for recommendations all the time. She started by sharing her experiences trying new products and her reviews on social media, before deciding to start up Trusted Consumer Reviews. Now she gets to do what she loves all the time while knowing she's helping consumers make more informed choices.

Jamie Laxton , Senior Health Editor

Jamie is a nutritionist and naturopath based in Irvine, California. She loves writing, sharing her knowledge and learning new ways to utilize natural ingredients to help people live long and healthy lives, and her current role at Trusted Consumer Reviews lets her do all of that! In her free time, Jamie enjoys cooking, long hikes and gardening.

Alejandra Loza , Tech Editor

Alejandra is a self-professed geek girl and passionate about the impact of technology. She started as a coder and now works as a freelance developer. Family members and friends constantly ask her for IT help and assistance with their devices. She figured she might as well do something with the knowledge she's built up, and started her work at Trusted Consumer Reviews. In her free time, Alejandra enjoys tennis and Netflix.

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